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Dr Hamilton Offers an Exclusively On-Line Telehealth Psychiatric Practice Across Australia

Dr Diana Hamilton is a private practice Psychiatrist delivering Telehealth consultations to adults across Australia.

Together with motivated patients,  Dr Hamilton provides a recovery-orientated approach for a range of psychiatric disorders or mental health conditions.

Dr Hamilton's areas of interest include Adult ADHD (diagnosis and treatment ); Women's' Mental Health ; Depression, Mood , Anxiety and Panic Disorders;   Trauma related conditions, as well as general mental health disorders.

With a distinguished career dedicated to Psychiatry, Dr Hamilton has the specialized training and experience to tailor individualized consultations for her patients. This approach may include the prescription of medications and / or relevant therapy sessions.

Telehealth Services

Dr Hamilton believes in providing high quality and accessible mental health care regardless of where you live. She can easily connect with you using a safe and secure Telehealth connection.



Fax: 07 3905 1885

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